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Comprehensive, insightful solutions to help you meet your obligations.

From demographic shifts and changing market structures, to evolving regulations and rising cost and operational pressures, the challenges faced by the retirement industry are numerous and increasing.

As one of the world’s largest global custodians and a longstanding partner to hundreds of European pension schemes, we help you overcome obstacles, manage accelerating pressures and capitalise on opportunities presented by change as you construct and execute your investment strategies.

Our team, comprised of individuals with a wealth of experience in the retirement industry, are your strategic partners, providing thought leadership, insight and tools to help you improve and streamline your operational approach. Our extensive technology platform is designed to drive your agility in a fast-changing landscape.

Your Objectives


    BNY Mellon provides world-class portfolio administration and beneficiary solutions designed to safeguard your assets and help you address critical operational and regulatory challenges.


    Custody: Our custody services are built upon the industry’s first single multicurrency platform to provide you with settlement, corporate actions, income processing, tax, proxy voting and class action services.

    • Depositary: For assets held in fund structures, we provide independent fund monitoring services that include reconciliation of the investment valuation process, compliance monitoring on the investment manager agreements, reconciliation of stock entitlements including not-in-bank assets and monitoring of fund cash flows.

    Investment Accounting: Our multi-currency accounting system is built upon a true general ledger structure, with integrated controls and crosschecks to minimise errors in processing even the most complex international transactions.

    Alternatives Accounting: We provide bespoke accounting and administration services for private investments, loan structure, real estate, hedge funds and limited partnerships.

    Regulatory Support: Our team keeps you ahead of the curve on regulatory reporting, industry changes and best practices, leveraging contacts with regulatory bodies across Europe to help you distil key developments.

    • Derivatives Support: We service exchange traded and OTC derivatives across the full post-trade lifecycle including trade matching, margin management, independent valuation and portfolio reconciliation services. 


    In changing market conditions, our analytics and dashboards drive efficiency by providing you with clear insights into portfolio performance and risk management.

    Global Risk Solutions:

    • Performance Measurement and Attribution Analysis: Our global system analyses the structure of portfolios, universes and market indices to understand your allocation and risk exposures and compare your performance to benchmarks or peers.

    • Risk Analysis: Institutional investors receive forward-looking analysis, allowing you to assess the risk-reward profile of your investment strategies.

    • Compliance Monitoring: We offer post-trade reporting for monitoring investment policy goals and guidelines.



    We help you optimise your portfolios by providing solutions to manage capital and liquidity.


    Foreign Exchange: Custody FX, FX Payments, FX Sales & Trading and Currency Administration allow you to transact in a variety of currencies in developed, emerging and frontier markets.

    Capital Markets Trading: We offer securities underwriting, sales and trading for a wide range of investments, with a global footprint that allows you to transact in a variety of currencies and markets.

    Securities Lending: Our intrinsic agency lending strategy, electronic trading tools and comprehensive reporting provide greater efficiency, price discovery and speed in delivering loans to borrowers, helping to drive incremental revenue.

    Collateral Management and Segregation: With new regulatory demands pushing collateral aggregation and optimisation to the forefront, we can help you re-think the way you manage collateral and margin requirements.

    Liquidity Management: We offer a suite of products that allows you to take control of your cash and liquidity.



    As the need to streamline and modernise processes grows, we offer scalable and resilient technology and operations outsourcing solutions.


    Investment Operations: We provide integrated middle and back-office investment operations solutions to support the entire post-trade investment lifecycle.

    Investment Technology: BNY Mellon Eagle’s sophisticated accounting, performance and data management tools can be delivered as a comprehensive suite or as individually-deployed solutions for your internal applications.


Industry Perspectives

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Pensions Trustees and the ESG Landscape

Dean Handley, Relationship Manager for UK Pensions at BNY Mellon, and David Weeks, Co-Chair of the Association of Member Nominated Trustees (AMNT), discuss the UK pension community and ESG integration.



What’s Driving European Pension Funds to Alternative Investments?

Portfolio diversification and a desire for alpha, says Marvin Vervaart, Regional Product Manager.




Pension Funds Invest Responsibly

European pension funds require new specialist data to meet ESG strategy development and reporting demands. Marvin Vervaart, Regional Product Manager, explains further.




Spotlight on the UK Pension Market: Member Nominated Trustees

Member nominated trustees play an influential role in the UK pension industry. Dean Handley, Business Executive for UK Pensions, provides insight into their role, how it’s evolving and what BNY Mellon is doing to strengthen ties with this important community.




60 Seconds on the UK Pension Market: Reduction in DB Scheme Funding Deficits

Lawrence Langenhan, Relationship Executive, reflects on recent developments in the UK pension market, starting with the £36bn decline in the liabilities of FTSE 100 companies defined benefit pension schemes.




60 Seconds on the UK Pension Market: Buy-ins and Buy-outs

In 60 seconds (or thereabouts) Lawrence Langenhan, Relationship Executive, reflects on considerations for UK pension schemes looking to engage in buy-ins and buy-outs.


Our Thinking

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Pensions - Towards a Sustainable Future

This series is based on discussions and debates that took place at the BNY Mellon Pension Summit, our flagship event for the pensions community. The event brought together managers and trustees of European pension schemes, along with consultants, regulators and BNY Mellon specialists, to discuss how themes of sustainability are playing out across the pensions landscape.

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Institutions for Occupational Retirement Provision II

The new version of the EU directive on Institutions for Occupational Retirement Provision (IORP) is set to have a profound impact on workplace pensions.

Living Wall


ESG Investing

A transformational shift is underway as financial market participants adopt a more proactive approach to ESG investing.


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