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Alexander Hamilton

233 years ago, Alexander Hamilton founded The Bank of New York,
now BNY Mellon.

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Alexander Hamilton's Biography

At BNY Mellon, Alexander Hamilton’s genius is our legacy. His foresight and ability to act upon his visionary thinking set him apart from his peers. One of his many achievements was founding The Bank of New York, now BNY Mellon, in 1784. 

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Hamilton’s Leadership

Alexander Hamilton was a natural leader. Whether he was laying the foundation for the United States finance system or drafting economic policies for the Washington administration, Hamilton’s legacy is synonymous with initiative and innovation.

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Hamilton’s Impact

BIRTHDATE: January 11, 1757
EDUCATION: Columbia University, King’s College
FOUNDED: The Bank of New York, now BNY Mellon;
Helped establish the modern day banking industry
CAREERS: US Treasury Secretary, soldier, lawyer, orator, innovator, writer

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Test Your Knowledge of Our Founder

Alexander Hamilton’s innovative spirit lives within our company today. Take this quiz to see how much you know about his storied past.