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Our Legacy

Imbued with more than 230 years of history and an innovative legacy,
BNY Mellon continues to help shape the future of financial services.

50 Years in the UK

BNY Mellon proudly celebrates its UK Golden Jubilee in 2017. Retired Chairman of EMEA, Michael Cole-Fontayn, shares some fascinating photographs from our London branch opening in 1967 and reflects on the company's legacy and priorities in the coming years.

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At BNY Mellon, Alexander Hamilton’s genius is our legacy. His foresight and ability to act upon his visionary thinking set him apart from his peers. One of his many achievements was founding The Bank of New York, now BNY Mellon, in 1784.

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Alexander Hamilton’s innovative spirit lives within our company today. Take this quiz to see how much you know about his storied past.

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Alexander Hamilton founded our company in 1784. His genius – his unequalled ability to both envision the future and create the mechanisms to make it happen – is our legacy. It has powered our growth into a global investments company that remains true to the values on which it was built. Learn how Hamilton’s pioneering spirit has propelled BNY Mellon forward over the last 233 years.