BNY Mellon Ideas


We understand that diverse perspectives fuel innovative thinking and our people are BNY Mellon’s greatest asset. We provide a variety of channels, including innovation jams, hackathons, open forums and our annual A.C.E. innovation competition, through which our people can voice their ideas. Our MyIdea platform facilitates collaboration around the world by enabling employees to submit ideas for input, evaluation and potential implementation at BNY Mellon. In this way, we overcome the barriers of distance and time.

Finding our "Intrapreneurs" through A.C.E.

To help inspire a start-up mentality among our workforce, we hold an annual global innovation competition – A.C.E. – which seeks the most innovative ideas from BNY Mellon employees. At stake is the chance to incubate new ideas for eventual start-up, prize money and the opportunity to make a significant personal impact in capital markets around the world.

A.C.E. brings out the best in BNY Mellon ingenuity as we challenge our employees to come up with big ideas. While there are no guarantees of success, the A.C.E. journey is one that challenges employees to stretch beyond their day-to-day. It provides unique learning and development opportunities on their career journeys. It’s one of the ways we’re building the future.

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