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Regulations and the rapidly evolving financial markets continually challenge your funding model. To help you with these challenges, look to BNY Mellon, an expert in providing securities services and financing arrangements in today’s marketplace.

Expand your Financing Options

We can offer secured loans to help you obtain cash for collateral, liquidity or leverage strategies. Our secured loan program covers the EMEA, APAC and the US. Eligible collateral includes global equities and global fixed income securities.

Our Thinking

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Fixed Income and Repo Update

November 2016

At a recent webinar, BNY Mellon Markets’ experts discussed how money market fund reform, expanding central bank balance sheets and increased regulatory requirements are shaping the fixed income and repo markets and securities financing strategies.

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Securities Finance Great Challenges, Greater Opportunities

October 2016

The collective regulatory changes and the market’s response have resulted in a range of interconnected inefficiencies. Collateral flexibility and liquidity solutions have never been more important.

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Global Investor-ISF International Securities Lending Survey 2016

October 2016

BNY Mellon earned the top spot in several important categories in Global Investor/ISF’s 2016 International Securities Lending Survey.

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Securities Finance: An Opportunity Transformed

September 2016

New regulations and market changes have transformed securities finance for institutional investors, financial institutions and intermediaries. In this evolving environment, innovative tools and new strategies can help you to collateralise transactions, enhance returns and facilitate liquidity more effectively.

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Sovereign Institutions Enhancing Global Liquidity

October 2016

This Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum (OMFIF) - BNY Mellon report focuses on the role that sovereign institutions may have to play in improving overall market liquidity, and contains results of OMFIF’s survey of 25 sovereigns with over $4.7 trillion Assets Under Management (AUM).

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Securities Finance Regulatory Update

June 2016

At our annual Securities Finance Regulatory Update, we discussed the current regulatory climate and the impact of regulation on securities finance.

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Securities Financing Transactions Regulation

June 2016

James Day, Business Executive for Securities Finance, EMEA, BNY Mellon, and Charles Morris, Senior Associate, Clifford Chance, hosted a call on the impact of the Securities Financing Transactions Regulation (SFTR).

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Securities Lending Post Crisis

January 2016

Steve Kiely, head of securities finance new business development in EMEA for BNY Mellon, talks to Funds Europe about a more mature, post-crisis attitude within the securities lending market.

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Collateral Rising

The practice of lending securities solely to raise cash with the expectation of deriving most of the revenue from the cash reinvestment is basically gone from the market.

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