We integrate and administer all components of a passive currency hedging program (share-class or portfolio overlay), as well as provide FX execution services. Through our approach, you retain all investment management discretion, while outsourcing administration and FX operational functions to BNY Mellon.

Innovative Solution

This provides you with the opportunity to re-deploy valuable resources so you can focus on your primary mission along with the potential to reduce operational risk and exposure. We offer:

  • A passive service
  • A disciplined approach to calculating and executing currency hedging strategies
  • Predefined hedging and pricing parameters

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Currency Administration with BNY Mellon

Currency hedging strategies help funds to mitigate currency volatility risk. Fund investors are becoming increasingly aware of this risk and are asking more questions about a fund’s currency hedging program.

In addition, the execution, timing and capabilities around a currency hedging program can have a significant impact on the end investor’s implicit costs.

Our Thinking

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APAC – A Top Priority for BNY Mellon

Baudouin De Guchteneere, FX Sales & Services, Asia Pacific, BNY Mellon, tells why he is excited about Singapore having been selected for the FX dealing room and why the region is a top priority for the company.

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Turning Capital Flow Insight Into Action: iFlow

In our latest iFlow® Weekly commentary, we focus on select FX markets that reflect an interesting co-existence of risk-seeking and risk-aversion.

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