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We seek to meet your operational requirements efficiently, accurately and with the speed that the market demands.

  • Accelerated market entry
  • Specialised support for ETFs
  • Automated transfer agency for U.S. equity ETFs
  • International ETF solutions (ICSD Model) 


Our Thinking

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European Exchange Traded Products: Momentum Builds for the ISCD Model

What’s behind the trend of adopting the International Central Securities Depositary (ICSD) model for Exchange Traded Products? What are the benefits of the model and how far could the trend go? Our paper traces the path from post-Brexit migration of Irish ETFs to a complete transformation of the European ETP market.

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Brexit and ETF Migration

The Brexit and ETF Migration paper outlines the anticipated transfer of ETF services to a new jurisdiction (Belgium) and the potential for adoption of a new model (International Central Securities Depository – ICSD).

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The Rising Demand of ESG ETFs

By Julie Rothwell, ETF Product, BNY Mellon

The market for ethical or environmental, social and governance (ESG) exchange-traded funds (ETFs) has grown exponentially in recent years, attracting investors who want to align their money with opportunities that are consistent with their core values and beliefs.

Business Insights

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International ETF Solutions (ICSD Model)

As part of BNY Mellon’s complete ETF solution, our Corporate Trust team supports ETF fund managers issuing in the International Central Securities Depositary (ICSD) structure (Euroclear and Clearstream) through paying agency services.

We can assist with US or European multi-listed ETFs distributing across multiple European markets.

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The Central Bank of Ireland publishes feedback statement on the ETF discussion paper

The much-anticipated feedback statement following the release of DP6 on Exchange Traded Funds by the Central Bank of Ireland (CBI) was released 14 September 2018. Ireland has long been the domicile of choice for European ETFs, with the vast majority of European ETFs now domiciled in Ireland, so the CBI’s continued focus on this growing sector comes as no surprise.


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