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See What Others Can’t

See What Others Can’t

By managing trillions in assets, we have unparalleled access to data from the largest liquidity pools in the world—and richer insights. Insights we offer to our clients to help them make better decisions and create more value across every interaction.


The world’s markets, myriad governments and businesses of all sizes count on us to keep their data stable and secure. Our global scale and always-on resiliency facilitate that so businesses run smoothly and markets operate efficiently.


The most powerful data are based on accessibility. We make it easier for you to use your data or to plug data in from other parties. The result? Helping you make better, quicker, margin-driving decisions.


Every decision matters. From our predictive analytics to our dynamic business applications, we help unearth critical and commercial insights to help you capture opportunities and manage risk.

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Pershing’s core proprietary technology provides resilience, reliability and operational excellence. The sheer breadth of functions, capability and robustness of our systems will help transform your business, allowing you to operate more effectively, enter new markets and expand your proposition. Our integration capabilities allow firms to consume technology the way they want.

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