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Institutional investors globally are increasingly using dedicated managed accounts – single investor funds – as a mechanism through which to invest in hedge funds.


Dedicated managed accounts provide numerous benefits including greater control, transparency and governance of hedge fund investments; the ability to customise investment mandates and structures; and the potential for fee compression.


BNY Mellon provides a Dedicated Managed Accounts Solution, supported by HedgeMark. HedgeMark is a specialist in the structuring, oversight and risk monitoring of hedge fund investments. BNY Mellon acquired HedgeMark in 2014.


Use of a separate vehicle provides segregation and control of assets, removes co-investor risk and allows for independent oversight, control and consolidation of service providers.

Ability to negotiate directly with the hedge fund manager to reduce and customize management and performance fees and control expenses.

Daily T+1 transparency and performance analytics provide additional tools for portfolio construction, risk management and portfolio monitoring.

Written investment guidelines contractually bind hedge fund manager to trade portfolio within pre-defined parameters and reduce possibility of style drift.

Ability to carve out a strategy from a hedge fund manager’s benchmark fund or leverage the skill of a hedge fund manager to run a client-specific strategy.

Achieve cash efficiency by notionally funding managed accounts.

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Dedicated Managed Accounts: Made to Measure for Smart Investors

The use of hedge fund managed accounts is rising as investors increasingly seek to reduce fees, improve transparency and gain control over their investments.

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