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BNY Mellon provides forward-thinking insights and market perspectives on pressing themes that help asset owners stay ahead of what’s next.

MARKET TRENDS I November 2023

Rethinking Asset Owner Models to Drive Growth

At BNY Mellon's inaugural Asset Owner Leadership Summit, hosted with Stanford Long-Term Investing, industry leaders outlined a roadmap to foster innovation and identified strategies to enhance operational efficiencies by harnessing technology and data. Discover the five key themes to capitalize on.

MARKET TRENDS | January 2023

Investment Reporting: Staying on Top in the New Era

As investment strategies increasingly become more complex, technology can play a pivotal role in ensuring asset owners’ reporting capabilities keep pace.

MARKET TRENDS | November 2022

When to Internalize or Outsource Investment Decisions

As portfolio management approaches vary across asset owners, achieving the right balance is key. Find out what are the main drivers and considerations in deciding when to internalize or outsource.
The Road Ahead: Integrating ESG Standards in Securities Lending for Asset Owners

SUSTAINABILITY | September 2022

The Road Ahead: Integrating ESG Standards in Securities Lending for Asset Owners

All industries have been faced with the need to integrate ESG polices in everything they do. Securities lending has also had to tackle the issue. Learn what are some of the unique considerations.


Asset Owners Make Foray Into Private Markets

Asset owners are increasingly diversifying into private markets. Learn how they can balance exposure and liquidity, while managing a deluge of new data.


Implications of Dutch Pension Reform at Home and Abroad

As Dutch pensions prepare to transit from defined-benefit to defined-contribution plans, discover the key considerations pertaining to member engagement, investment models and operating models.

MARKET TRENDS I October 2021

Highlights from Asset Owner Academy 2021

Fast-changing and challenging macro and market landscapes are creating ever-greater urgency for asset owners to transform how they build and manage portfolios to achieve their return targets and other investment goals.


Counting on a Crisis: A Catalyst for Investment Innovation?

BNY Mellon and Stanford Long-Term Investing join forces to explore how asset owners can counteract the tendency to pursue innovation only when a crisis acts as a catalyst for change.

MARKET TRENDS | December 2022

How Master Trusts are Transforming for Better Member and Commercial Outcomes

As the UK Master Trust market evolves, find out what are the opportunities and future trends for pension members, sponsors and service providers.

MARKET TRENDS | September 2022

China: The Path for Foreign Investors

Conditions in China are changing rapidly, and many barriers to foreign investment have been removed, but market friction persists. Find out how foreign investors are thinking about future opportunities in China and what challenges they face as they grow their portfolios.


The Evolution of Public Asset Owners

Our latest research shows how public asset owners can navigate a new investment landscape and transform operating models by putting data at the center.




There is No ‘One Size Fits All’ for Custodial Models

For asset owners, the choice of adopting a single- or multi-custodial model is dependent on a range of factors. Learn about the approaches we uncovered through a review of our top 50 global asset owners.

REGULATION & RISK I February 2022

Why Europe Is Creating a New Path for Retirement Savings

As Europe paves the way towards a more sustainable pension system with the Pan-European Personal Pension Product (PEPP), find out what this means for EU consumers, pension providers and custodians.

MARKET TRENDS I December 2021

Eyeing China Markets in 2022

Investors must manage China’s geopolitical, policymaking and market access dynamics to benefit from the diversification opportunities in both alpha and beta in equities and bonds, according to a BNY Mellon webcast.

MARKET TRENDS | October 2022

What’s Next for Foreign Investors’ China Portfolios?


Private Capital Benchmarking Best Practices


Growing Trends in Private Markets Investments for Asset Owners

MARKET TRENDS I October 2021

Rapid Insights: Emerging ESG Trends for Asset Owners

MARKET TRENDS I October 2021

Rapid Insights: Alternative Investments Trends

MARKET TRENDS I October 2021

Rapid Insights: New Imperatives and Evolving Operating Models

MARKET TRENDS I October 2021

Rapid Insights: China - The Door Widens to Global Investors

PODCAST I April 2023

Reimagining Growth Through Fintech Innovation

Michael Demissie, Global Head of Innovation and Advanced Solutions, shares how BNY Mellon is executing on our effort to constantly innovate in a responsible and risk-managed way and how our collaborations with leading fintech companies bring transformative technologies to life.

PODCAST I March 2023

Breaking the Mold with Asset Owner Innovation

Dr. Ashby Monk, Executive and Research Director of Stanford Long-Term Investing, discusses how asset owners can achieve institutional innovation and build a framework that can be adopted to accelerate organizational growth. 

PODCAST I November 2022

Migration to Digital Assets Accelerates

Caroline Butler, CEO of Custody Services shares asset owners’ needs for digital assets and discusses key considerations when selecting service providers to support their digital asset strategy.

PODCAST I October 2022

Recent Market Tumult and Impact to Asset Owners

Daniel Tenengauzer, Head of Strategy at BNY Mellon Markets and John Templeton, Head of Securities Finance Sales and Relationship Management, discuss the recent market volatility, impact to asset owners' securities lending programs and the outlook in the coming months.

PODCAST I September 2022

How Asset Owners Are Adapting to a New Normal

Roman Regelman, CEO of Securities Services and Digital joins host, Anders Reinertsen, Head of Asset Owners for Americas to discuss the megatrends impacting asset owners, the growing interest in digital assets and tokenization and more.

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