Data Management

Manage Your Valuable Data

Harness data, the world’s most important asset class in today’s fast-moving global marketplace, and transform it into higher alpha, cheaper beta, lower costs and less risk—outcomes that help position your firm for success.


Transform Your Data Landscape


Managed effectively, investment data is your firm’s most valuable asset. However, data management is more than security reference data or preventing bad trades. It’s a “single version of the truth”—always within reach.


BNY Mellon’s Eagle Data Management platform delivers enriched, reliable data, so you can gain actionable insights, meet today’s intricate business and regulatory requirements, and make valuable operational and strategic decisions.


BNY Mellon’s scalable Eagle Data Management solution enables you to centralize and efficiently manage complex investment assets. View your world from different vantage points, across currencies and among issuers; and utilize information about pricing, corporate actions and exchange rates.


Our exception-based, data-centric platform facilitates collaboration between business and technology and provides many capabilities:


  • User-centered solutions that deliver the right information to the right people
  • Access to accurate and timely reference data
  • Workflows to automate your business validation, definitions and processes
  • Entity-level data to help gauge your risk exposure
  • Complete auditability and system-wide security features via a centralized data repository

Transform Your Data into Action


Data Vault is an open, flexible investment data platform that helps simplify your processes and unlock the power of your data. As a public cloud, multi-tenant platform, Data Vault not only effortlessly complements your existing data strategy, but also leverages the latest architecture and technologies that promote rapid application design, development and deployment.


Data Vault enables you to reduce costs, mitigate execution risk, and simplify your technology and data environment. With your data seamlessly integrated within the Data Vault, you can achieve new data insights that enable faster, more informed business decisions.


Data Vault extends the capabilities of the Eagle Data Management solutions and facilitates rapid onboarding of content by eliminating schema conformance and the need to engage engineering resources. Subject matter experts closest to the data can onboard new data as needed and use virtualization techniques to gain a broader, richer understanding of their data, which frees up your resources for other enterprise tasks and empowers your data stewards to manage the data they know best.


Keeping up with your organization’s data needs and latest vendor changes has never been easier. With our data fabric architecture, you can easily integrate existing information in the Data Vault with remote data sets, regardless of their location or implementation details. Moreover, Data Vault’s open architecture complements your existing data strategy; large data sets can be readily combined and accessed, while users can employ their favorite tools to connect to and explore data blended from many different sources. The result: faster data experimentation and accelerated insights.


Advanced machine learning and intuitive user experience drive our data quality processes and enable fast issue discovery so you have confidence and trust in your data. 


Offering best-in-class system availability, scalability, resiliency and security, Data Vault helps transform your data into action with the following features:


  • Rapid onboarding of new data
  • Frictionless integration with external data sets
  • Data quality validation enabling fit-for-purpose data
  • Data catalog to support data discovery and governance
  • Intuitive self-service data discovery tools
  • Open architecture, so you can use the tools of your choice
  • Automatic functionality updates

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