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Connecting You to the World

Connecting You to the World

Our investment operations network seamlessly connects BNY Mellon's investment services with the industry’s best-of-breed integrations—offering you a resilient, scalable, plug-and-play solution. With a broader, deeper and more comprehensive platform, we connect you to a robust investment ecosystem that supports your business at every stage.


Real-time access to superior data helps enable you to make quick, confident, revenue-driving decisions. Broad distribution solutions help you evolve your global strategy. 


Open architecture lets you choose the right services for you, now and in the future. With enhanced choice and flexibility across the investment lifecycle, you can focus on improving profitability and growing your business.


We help deliver long-term efficiencies across the investment lifecycle. With fully interconnected middle and back office solutions, we can aid in optimising costs and give you fuller oversight of your outsourced operations.


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Facing new regulatory requirements that call for a pledge to receive margin securities on OTC trades? Our Clearance and Collateral Management business enables our clients to do it all, from the basics of safely posting and accepting segregated collateral, to administering the entire end-to-end collateral workflows.

New regulatory demands are pushing collateral aggregation and optimization to the forefront. As you face liquidity, financing, risk and balance sheet challenges, we can help you. Reimagine the way you manage collateral and margin requirements.

Debt issuance is essential for funding operations and investments, creating infrastructure and delivering public services. From pre-issuance through maturity, our experienced corporate trust team offers unparalleled access to resources, technology and solutions to help seamlessly execute debt financing strategies. Our global team has the expertise and commitment to excellence that demonstrates how we are a leader in the debt administration market.

We help credit and private debt fund managers optimise operations, better meet the transparency demands of investors and regulators, and bring new products to market faster to drive growth. Tap into an integrated source of data and find concrete ways to simplify your investment and business operations.

BNY Mellon’s HedgeMark® specialises in supporting institutional investors in the development and operation of their own private dedicated managed account (DMA) platform. HedgeMark’s DMA and risk and performance analytics solutions help allocators increase customisation, transparency, control and governance around their hedge fund investments.

With operations in key global jurisdictions, strategic partnerships with deal participants, and a substantive sub-custodial network, our corporate trust team provides clients increased access to asset options and provides customized escrow and highly specialized agency services. Our unrivaled experience, extensive resources and client commitment drive us to create distinct solutions within varied accounting and legal frameworks.

With global pricing pressures and complex security needs, our clients require global custody services that will maximise operations, manage risk and drive greater value. That is why, as the world’s largest global custodian,* we have a comprehensive range of solutions that help safeguard and service assets around the world.

*As of June 30, 2020; analyst earnings report

With complexity and investor expectations on the rise, we help hedge fund managers keep their focus on their investment strategy. Our team of 2,000+ dedicated experts help hedge fund managers conquer complexity by delivering a comprehensive set of middle and back office solutions.

iFlow is a combination of $41.7 trillion in asset flows moving through BNY Mellon’s custody and administration, and in-depth commentary and analysis provided by BNY Mellon’s market strategy team.

Clients managing their investment process seek to gain operating efficiencies and streamlined processes for accessing data. Through our open architecture, we collaborate with Order Management System (OMS) providers to enable front office investment insights. By simplifying integrations, we can help clients reduce operational risk and cost while obtaining improved data.

Our prime brokerage services offer optimized client financing, a technology platform with operational efficiencies, counterparty risk mitigation and a dedicated account team. Pershing’s securities lending capabilities provide access to hard-to-borrow equity and fixed income securities, a robust supply of lendable stocks and bonds sourced through the firm’s clearing businesses, and a fully paid lending program.

With a broad range of capabilities and deep expertise, we can help both established managers and new investors allocating into private equity and other complex fund structures. Our systems are designed to help simplify and automate complicated private equity processes and streamline your manual practices.

We provide global Real Estate fund administration services across a range of property asset types and fund structures.  Our comprehensive solution has a dedicated platform using market leading technology and a robust data strategy focused on asset level and transparency, providing clarity to portfolio managers and your investors.

Navigating the global tax and regulatory environment throughout the investment lifecycle requires deep industry proficiency. We monitor and research tax and regulatory changes, allowing us to offer unparalleled services and solutions and provide insights that help clients adhere to changing industry requirements.

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