Pensions: Towards a Sustainable Future

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UK Pensions Evolution: Three Themes Driving the Industry

The pensions industry continues to undergo significant change. We hone in on three key themes currently dominating discussions: increasing pensions engagement, the evolution of Defined Benefit (DB) and enhanced regulatory scrutiny.

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The Shift to Defined Contribution: Considerations and Challenges

Perhaps the defining feature of the pension industry in recent years has been the shift from Defined Benefit (DB) to Defined Contribution (DC), which has significant consequences for scheme members as they assume the risk for their retirement.

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Cybersecurity: Tackling the Threats Facing Pension Schemes

The pensions industry is a prolific generator of data and much of it is sensitive. Given the potential impact of data breaches, managers and trustees need to have a clear understanding of cyber risk and take robust measures to build cyber resilience.

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ESG Investing: Managing Challenges and Seizing Opportunities

ESG investing has firmly entered the mainstream. Growing awareness, especially of the risks of climate change, is fuelling interest in ESG fund options. Regulatory changes are also driving managers and trustees to incorporate ESG principles into their investment strategies.

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Real Assets: A Growing Focus for Public Pension Funds

Public investors, including sovereign wealth funds and public pension funds, have a total of $36 trillion in assets under management, of which pension funds represent $14.8 trillion. The way those funds are invested is changing dramatically.