The Product Lineup Is Realigning

Survey Research Series

The Product Lineup Is Realigning

Survey Research Series

October 2021


The latest chapter of “Asset Management: Transformation Is Already Here” (our far-ranging study of industry priorities) provides a detailed understanding of how asset managers adoption of digital technologies has allowed them to offer new investment strategies and vehicles, provide access to more asset classes, and potentially even provide new products for emerging investor segments.

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Product innovation has benefited significantly from asset managers' adoption of digital technologies.  As asset managers address the industry's digital imperatives, they create opportunities for new offerings. Participants in our study suggested that product innovation will likely center around providing greater access to different types of investments for individual investors as much as for institutional investors.  In fact, 43% of respondents describe restructuring and rationalizing their product offerings as a top-three strategic priority.

“Investors are becoming savvier because they have more tools and analytics at their disposal. Overall, we’ll see growth in outcome-based investing, and that really turns the industry on its head. It’s a completely different way of thinking."

— Ileana Sodani, Global Head of Client Sales, BNY Mellon

  • By the Numbers
  • 72%
    of respondents in our research said they are planning to increase their offerings in alternatives in the next five years.*

* As identified by survey respondents

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