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Counting on a Crisis: A Catalyst for

Investment Innovation?

With an unprecedented level of technological influence on asset owners today, the desire to innovate has never been felt with more intensity. Yet, underpinning the pressure for innovation is also the ability to embrace change – a challenge many asset owners, established decades ago, have never had to face.


In our latest insights article for asset owners, BNY Mellon and Stanford Long-Term Investing (SLTI) join forces to explore how asset owners can counteract the tendency to pursue innovation only when a crisis acts as a catalyst for change.

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Our Collaboration

BNY Mellon and Stanford Long-Term Investing join forces to provide best-in-class support and guidance to meet the evolving needs of asset owners. These efforts will include producing thought leadership and insights sharing on key themes including:

  • Tech enablement
  • Portfolio resilience
  • Institutional innovation
  • Data and operating models to enhance investing

“Today, asset owners are experiencing transformation like never before in the dynamic ways they engage with society and allocate for current conditions, while also planning for the future.

— Rohan Singh, Global Head of Asset Owners, Securities Services and Digital, BNY Mellon

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