Bridget Engle, BNY Mellon CIO: “Technology and Business are Becoming Borderless”

NOVEMBER 16, 2018

More than 100 senior business leaders and executives from several major financial services institutions gathered in New York City Wednesday at BNY Mellon’s corporate headquarters, to discuss the evolving role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO). From back-office to boardroom, CIOs have transformed into a protector of digital assets, are responsible for creating innovation, discovering new revenue streams, and more. The special C-suite series event, hosted by The Wall Street Women’s Alliance (WSWA) and sponsored by BNY Mellon, featured an influential cast of financial services industry CIOs including Bridget Engle, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer, BNY Mellon.


In an engaging panel discussion, Engle discussed how digital transformation and modernization is blurring the lines between how technology interfaces with the business. “Technology and business are becoming borderless and it is critical that our groups are able to finish each other’s sentences,” said Engle. “For too long, technology has been in the role of an order taker. Technologists are partners with our business and we must understand business problems and are delivering the possibility of technology.”

Bridget Engel discussed how digital transformation and modernization is blurring the lines between how technology interfaces with the business

The panel explored several hot topics including culture change and attracting talent, promoting diversity and inclusion, and employee mentorship and sponsorship. Responding to culture change and attracting talent, Engle said, “It always starts with the ‘why.’ Why are we here, why are we working so hard? Because it’s about making a difference for our company and our clients.” Adding, “my/our responsibility is to leave companies better than I found them, and the key to success is people and talent. We can buy the newest and fastest machines and there will always be better software, but there needs to be a constant effort for us to make investments in our employees.”


In regards to the topic of diversity and inclusion, Engle never felt that she was different or that she had limitations being a woman. Throughout her career, she has always focused on solving problems, striving to do better, and making a difference. Concluding, “diversity of all types leads to increased creativity and it’s important for our teams to feel empowered, and to never be afraid to share bold ideas or fail fast. So much perspective can be gained by creating a diverse and inclusive environment and the technology industry, as well as all industries, can benefit tremendously with diverse teams and viewpoints.”



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