From the Heart Video Series

From the Heart Video Series

"From the HEART" showcases and shares the diversity of our employees at BNY Mellon as seen through the lens of those with diverse abilities; physical disability, chronic ill-health, mental health challenges, neurodiversity, and those who are caring for others. These are real stories by real people.

Diverse Abilities: Meet Ian, Doug and Raman

Hear from Ian who speaks about caring for a son with a chronic mental health condition; from Doug who talks about his life-changing experience; and from Raman who speaks candidly about her mental health.

Diverse Abilities: Meet Allan, Avril and Phil

Allan talks about both his daughter and his wife’s disabilities; Avril explains how her diagnosis has impacted her; and Phil shares a candid account of life with bi-polar disorder.

Diverse Abilities: Meet Kit, Debbie, Stephen and Patrick

Kit talks about an unexpected diagnosis; Debbie explains how her mental health has affected her; Stephen tells of his experiences and the support he has had; and Patrick shares how his family has adapted to his son’s health condition.

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