We offer receivables processing that provides efficient, centralized collection points for your cash, and enables you to capture and access important business information in real time.

Longstanding Expertise

Drawing on our more than 50 years of receivables processing experience, we can provide deposit, electronic and lockbox services that will help you:

  • Collect consumer and business payments efficiently and effectively
  • Accelerate incoming cash
  • Reduce exception items
  • Create a well-documented, auditable and repeatable process
  • Deliver information about receivables when and where you need it
  • Use a suite of paper and electronic alternatives that mesh with your receivables needs
  • Reduce your processing costs

Our Thinking

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Comprehensive Receivables

For more than 60 years, BNY Mellon Treasury Services has delivered the highest quality receivables processing solutions available by knowing our clients’ industries and day-to-day challenges and becoming their working partner.
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B2B Receivables

It sounds simple. But in today’s increasingly complex B2B payments environment, issues such as exception items, delayed access to the information that often accompanies payments and the need to manage a mix of paper and electronic payments have vastly increased the complexity of the process.
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