Our electronic payment capabilities enable you to automate receivables workflow, consolidate payments across your business and control costs. We can help you get business done faster, more economically and with fewer errors.

  • Convert consumer checks to ACH transactions
  • Consolidate payment and remittance information into a single accounts receivable feed
  • Receive electronic payments directly from consumer service providers
  • Access a network of retail payment agents to accept consumer payments
  • Collect electronic check (ACH), credit or debit card payments via our Electronic Receivable Payment Services (ERPS)

Our Thinking

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We offer receivables processing that provides efficient, centralized collection points for your cash, and enables you to capture and access important business information in real time.
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Electronic Receivable Payment Services Overview

As global competition increases, your clients demand a broader range of products and services and a variety of convenient payment options. But offering such services requires an investment of time and resources that many companies cannot afford. 
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