Liquidity Services

You want to know the location and accessibility of your cash at all times. In essence, you need greater control over your liquidity. LiquidityDirect® allows you to:

  • purchase and redeem over 100 different institutional money market funds from 37 top fund families, in USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, SGD and JPY; and
  • safekeep margin balances.

For institutional investors seeking added diversification, as well as a new way to utilize idle cash, we also offer a suite of deposit products:

  • Yankee SweepSM* delivers diversification by enabling investors to deposit cash at licensed U.S. branches of non-U.S. banks.
  • Third Party Bank Deposits* through BNY Mellon afford you the ability to deposit cash at different institutions all through the convenience of one deposit and one account.
  • BNY Mellon Select Deposits will allow you to deposit cash with BNY Mellon until the deposit is called by you and returned following a fixed term.

Liquidity Disclaimer
*Deposits placed through BNY Mellon at US Branches of non-US Banks are not FDIC Insured.

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A powerfully enhanced Portfolio Dashboard bringing you full transparency and account accumulation capabilities to your LiquidityDirect® account.

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