Foreign exchange ("FX") trading services include:

  • Spot trades
  • Swaps and forwards
  • Non-deliverable forwards (NDF)

Trading Your Way

You can choose to trade directly through our FX Desk, electronically via proprietary and industry platforms, or you can use Custody FX Services and other FX pricing and execution options to automate the capture of custody-related foreign exchange, including:

  • Securities sales & purchases
  • Corporate actions
  • Income
  • Tax reclaims
  • Expense and cash management.

Our Thinking

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APAC - A Top Priority for BNY Mellon

Baudouin De Guchteneere, FX Sales & Services, Asia Pacific, BNY Mellon, tells why he is excited about Singapore having been selected for the FX dealing room and why the region is a top priority for the company.
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BNY Mellon Markets

BNY Mellon Markets can help you access capital, financing and liquidity through our suite of foreign exchange, securities finance, collateral management and segregation

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