When it comes to the administration of assets, your needs can be highly specialized. You want a provider with global experience in effecting whatever kind of transaction meets your specific needs.

We’re adept at delivering multi-currency, multi-jurisdictional solutions within varied accounting and legal frameworks. 

Our specialized services include:

  • Collateralized Trust Services – We offer a cost effective solution to help you secure your financial obligations
  • Escrow Agency Services – We have extensive experience providing flexible escrow solutions
  • Listing Services – We offer comprehensive support to issuers who list securities, including debt, equity and investment funds, on multiple stock exchanges
  • Loan Administration Services – As an independent third-party, we service your loans efficiently and effectively
  • Repacks – We are able to handle diversified assets classes with seamless end-to-end servicing

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Client Access

BNY Mellon provides you with the tools you need to monitor and manage your assets. Through our innovative and intuitive technology, including investment portals, mobile trading platforms, transactional apps and more, you can access assets right at your fingertips.

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