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Corporate Trust

Whether you are seeking to grow your business, respond to the demands of an ever-changing economic and regulatory landscape, drive down costs, or manage your risk exposure, we can help.

We provide the infrastructure, technology and processing services you need to expertly navigate the uncertainty of the debt capital markets. Working with you, we craft solutions that make it easier for you to access debt capital markets around the world and realize your business vision.

Your Partner throughout the Deal Lifecycle

We partner with financial institutions, corporations, insurers, governments and not-for-profit organizations at all stages of the deal lifecycle—from issuance to maturity. We take the time to get to know your business, so however complex your needs may be—whatever the demands of your marketplace, customers or location—we can help.


Business Insights

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New Special Purpose Vehicle for Australian Structured Finance

The Australian Office of Financial Management (AOFM) has appointed BNY Mellon as Trustee/Security Trustee and Trust Manager for a new Special Purpose Vehicle that will help stabilise and reinforce Australia’s structured finance market in the wake of COVID-19. It will allow non-bank lenders to borrow accrued but unpaid interest on a range of loans funded through asset-backed securitisation trusts. Outsourcing the trust management function delivers expertise, focus, and scale to issuers, via BNY Mellon's technology platform for trust management.

Kenneth Cheong


COVID-19 and Debt Capital Markets: An Asia Pacific View

Kenneth Cheong, Head of Corporate Trust, Asia Pacific discusses how COVID-19 has changed the way we support clients, trends in the APAC bond environment, what he is hearing from clients and more.

Jakarta, Indonesia

Sovereigns Turning to Debt Capital Markets to Launch Relief Programs

The Republic of Indonesia recently issued USD4.3 billion in dollar-denominated bonds. BNY Mellon Corporate Trust was appointed as Trustee, Paying Agent, and Registrar for the issuance. It represents the longest-dated dollar debt tranche issuance in Asia and Indonesia’s largest bond offering. The specific earmarking of proceeds for fiscal stimulus, including social programs, highlights the important role debt capital markets can play in managing the impact of the COVID-19 crisis in Asia and beyond.

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Trusted Partners - The Benefits of Outsourcing the Trust Manager Role

In an environment of evolving regulation and increasing focus on due diligence around data and reporting, and where the need for accuracy is paramount, outsourcing the trust-manager role should not be viewed as handing over the keys to the business. 

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A Closer Look at the Asia Pacific Infrastructure Market

Asia Pacific is a hotspot for infrastructure investments. Read about how the characteristics of these alternatives can be potentially attractive to investors.

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