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Debt issuance is a strategy — essential for businesses funding current operations or future investment and for governments creating infrastructure or delivering public services.

From pre-issuance through maturity, we bring to bear the resources, technology and products you need to execute your debt financing strategies effectively. Our global staff possesses an accumulated wisdom and institutional memory that place them among the market's leading experts in debt administration. We support a wide range of conventional debt issuances, including:

  • Certificates of Deposit
  • Commercial Paper
  • Convertible/ Exchangeable Debt
  • Corporate Bonds
  • Investment Grade Bonds
  • Medium-term Notes
  • High Yield Bonds

Our Thinking

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Conventional Debt Case Studies

The Enhanced Equipment Trust Certificate — EETC — is a form of secured debt financing used by airlines to fund the multiple aircraft purchases or leases typically needed to keep their fleets up-to-date and state-of-the-art.

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Bondholder Inquiry

Bondholders with questions should visit Bondholder Inquiry for contact information.

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Client Access

BNY Mellon provides you with the tools you need to monitor and manage your assets. Through our innovative and intuitive technology, including investment portals, mobile trading platforms, transactional apps and more, you can access assets right at your fingertips.

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