Collateral Management and Segregation

New regulatory demands for collateral requirements and segregation are pushing the need for aggregation and optimization to the forefront.

Balance sheet management, liquidity and more effective financing are emerging as key challenges, alongside risk and cost efficiencies. Reimagine the way you manage your collateral and address new margin requirements. In an environment where efficiency and risk mitigation are paramount, our collateral management products, solutions and tools can help you optimize your assets, manage counterparty risk and streamline your operational efficiency. Come explore our Collateral UniverseSMand discover our growing range of collateral management, collateral segregation and financing capabilities. We power the investments of your peers and counterparties. What can we do for you


Collateral Management and Segregation in Motion

Insights on how collateral management and segregation can help you enhance efficiency, transparency and risk management across a wide range of financial transactions. 


Our Thinking

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A Collateral Treasury Function for the Buy Side

Staffan Ahlner of BNY Mellon Markets pinpoints the challenges, risks and rewards that await the buy side as it ventures into new territory.
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Collateral Solutions for a Changing Market

Regulation and changing market dynamics have moved collateral into the spotlight and have had a profound effect on how market participants pursue their trading and investment strategies.
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Collateral Management Navigating the Regulatory Maze

As a result of the 2008 financial crisis and resulting suite of regulatory changes, the market has been driven to recognize the significance of collateral and its value in trading and risk mitigation.
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Collateral Management and Segregation in Motion

Are you asking the right questions about collateral management and segregation?

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Peer to Peer Tri-Party

Peer-to-Peer Triparty Collateral Management for the Buy Side
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Being Dominick Falco

Tasked with finding segregation and collateral solutions that are economically viable while meeting new regulations across multiple regions - all without the final rules set in stone – what does Dominick Falco, BNY Mellon’s new global head of segregation product, have planned?

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Collateral Management: A Review of Market Issues

It is widely acknowledged that ongoing changes to collateral supply and demand dynamics are challenging even the most sophisticated and experienced organizations, with many firms (both financial intermediaries and asset owners) struggling to grasp the full implications and potential opportunities of the new landscape. 
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The Evolution of Collateral Segregation

Global regulatory reform is reshaping and redefining the way institutions are required to post margin, manage collateral and segregate assets. We combine innovative solutions, specialized expertise and in-region support to power our clients’ success through BNY Mellon’s Collateral UniverseSM.
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How to Build a Collateral Segregation Solution For Your Servicing Requirements

Global regulatory reform is reshaping and redefining the way institutions are required to post margin, manage collateral and segregate assets. Are you ready?

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BNY Mellon's Collateral Universe

Changing regulations. New counterparties. Additional margin requirements. The financial markets move at a rapid pace, presenting you with new challenges. As you navigate the changes and assess the impact on your business, explore all that our Collateral Universe has to offer.
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Discover Why Collateral is the New Performance Driver

This paper provides insights on the demand-supply imbalances that are being experienced by buy-side firms as a result of regulations, such as uncleared margin requirements as well as the possible solutions financial end users are exploring to source liquidity.

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