We deliver the middle- and back-office operational support that is designed to provide you with greater control, transparency and risk mitigation in your full range of investment activities.


  • Our global pricing and valuation platform is a real-time, multi-currency, double-entry accounting system that supports all major fund types:

    • OEICs (Open Ended Investment Companies)
    • Unit trusts
    • Life insurance funds
    • Pension funds


  • With our unique insight into the mutual fund industry, we offer a full array of administration services:

    • Financial reporting
    • Tax services
    • Compliance
    • Expense budgeting


Our Thinking

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The Foundation for Digital Innovation: Confronting the Technology Deficit

A relative lack of investment in the systems that support many middle office functions has left many institutional investors struggling to keep pace with data management and business requirements. Find out how managed services can support the middle office transformation.

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Data Management: Transforming the Middle Office

With volumes of information, regulatory requirements and user expectations all constantly rising, the middle office is facing a perfect storm of data demands. Find out what a feasible approach to data management should be and the key features that drives a robust data management solution.

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The Rise of the Asian Corporate Fund Vehicles

With the recent launch of the Hong Kong Open-Ended Fund Company (OFC) in July 2018 and the pending launch of the Singapore Variable Capital Company (VCC), the ultimate question becomes, whether these two new Asian fund structures will pose a threat to Europe?

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A Greater Gateway to China

As Asia Capital markets open and grow, they offer foreign investors opportunities to diversify their investments. With myriad access schemes and programs, how can foreign investors make sense of these schemes and turn insights into opportunities?

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Singapore Variable Capital Company

A closer look at the Singapore legislation impacting Fund Managers | By Mathew Kathayanat, Rebecca Terner Lentchner

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ETF Services

As the industry's most experienced service provider for Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Exchange Traded Products (ETPs), we have created services specifically designed to address your complex needs.

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APAC Thought Leadership

Expert ideas and analysis from our top economists, business leaders, and currency and investment strategists.

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