Alternative Investment Services

Alternative Investment Services

BNY Mellon offers innovative services developed exclusively for alternative investments. We provide a powerful platform to help clients manage the operations of hedge fund, fund of hedge fund and private equity assets.

Seamless Operational Support

By integrating a full range of administrative services, including custody, cash management, accounting and administration, investor services and collateral services, we enable alternative investment managers to maintain their investment focus while we support fund operations.


Industry Perspectives

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Performance and Risk Analysis

Institutional investors are increasing their allocations into alternatives and therefore need a more comprehensive understanding of their investment risks and how they can incorporate illiquid or non-transparent investments into risk analysis to best manage their portfolios.

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Tips on Implementing an Alternative Investment Strategy

Alternative investments have become an established part of many sophisticated investment strategies. But what do Asian asset owners need to be aware of as they seek to increase their allocation to alternative asset classes? Experts at the BNY Mellon Asia Pacific Asset Servicing Client Leadership Summit in Beijing weighed in on due diligence, fees and emerging managers.

Our Thinking

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Private Debt Takes Center Stage for Asia Pacific Investors

The private debt and loan market is relatively underdeveloped in Asia Pacific. But this rapidly evolving asset class offers untapped potential. It is expected to grow to US$1 trillion by 20201 and rival private equity in scale.


A Closer Look at the Asia Pacific Infrastructure Market

Infrastructure investment is at the heart of economic development: it has been central to Asia’s dramatic growth in recent decades. But despite impressive advances, greater investment is needed.

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Artificial Intelligence Sweeps Hedge Funds

Artificial Intelligence, or “AI”, has featured heavily in industry innovation headlines for some time. Yet for all the excitement and promise, the uptake in the hedge fund industry has been limited – until recently.

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Introducing the COEBI

There is a role within the alternatives firm C-suite that is widely held, often overlooked, and massively underestimated. The role touches every corner of the organization but is difficult to contain within a job description.

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Hedge Fund Managers: Start Thinking Like a Mutual Fund

The hedge fund industry has evolved from its heady beginnings, when a few elite managers went unquestioned as long as they delivered superior returns. Today, hedge fund managers must match the transparency and service offerings of mutual funds to meet the expectations of their broadening investment base.

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Greater Gateway to China

As Asia Capital markets open and grow, they offer foreign investors opportunities to diversify their investments. With myriad access schemes and programs, how can foreign investors make sense of these schemes and turn insights into opportunities?

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The Race for Assets

Allocations to alternative assets are increasing. What’s driving this shift?

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