Collateral Rising

The practice of lending securities solely to raise cash with the expectation of deriving most of the revenue from the cash reinvestment is basically gone from the market. Beneficial owners and agent lenders are both focused on intrinsic value lending which has arisen as regulatory pressure on collateralization has created new sources of demand. This has resulted in a significant increase in the number of transactions collateralized by securities collateral. This makes collateral flexibility key to taking advantage of these new opportunities.

Michael McAuley, global head of product strategy, securities finance, BNY Mellon, explains:

  • Where he’s seeing demand for client assets
  • If the concept of the collateral upgrade trade is new to beneficial owners
  • How CCPs are developing to meet beneficial owners’ needs
  • Other trends that he is seeing

(This article originally appeared in the Securities Lending Times, issue 136. It is being reproduced here with approval from the publisher.)