We can gauge how the world’s money moves. Because a fifth of it moves through us.

Trusted with nearly 20% of the world’s tradeable assets, BNY Mellon sees opportunities and risks that others can’t. iFlow is the expression of this unique vantage point. It is a powerful, newly enhanced insight tool, providing you with unrivalled perspective into how investment flows in currencies, fixed income and equities are moving throughout the global financial system.


Based on anonymized and aggregated information gathered from our more than $ 41.7 trillion in assets under custody, iFlow reflects both the broad diversity of BNY Mellon’s client base and our position at the center of a global financial markets.


Whether you’re focused on developed economies or emerging markets, iFlow’s new, reengineered capabilities enable you to go deeper and see further, keeping you better informed and ahead of the competition.



Our market-leading strategists present you with the latest intelligence drawn from iFlow and their own independent analysis. Insights can be accessed via the platform or conveniently delivered into you inbox each day.

Curated Indicators

Our curated indicators tell you whether popular investment strategies are being pursued based on what we are seeing in the flows.

iFlow Snapshots

iFlow Snapshots are updated flow indicators that are delivered to your inbox daily, weekly and monthly.  

Our Insights

Our Insights

  • By the Numbers
  • $41.7tn
    iFlow draws on $41.1 trillion in assets under custody.
  • 37
    Explores flows in 37 currencies - from AED to ZAR.
  • 31
    Delves into equity and bond flows from 31 countries.
  • 15
    Sifts through time series of more than 15 years.

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