FX Insights

As the world’s largest custodian, we have unique access to unrivaled global securities execution flows. FX Insights provides a valuable window into the trends that are shaping the market. Subscribe to our daily, weekly or monthly publications to gain deeper insight from our experienced FX strategists.

Daily Publications

Macro Morning Briefing

Macro Morning Briefing is a daily publication that provides views on developments and trends in global markets.

Daily Flows

Daily Flows is a snapshot of normalized, aggregate flows in equities, sovereign bonds and currencies, as well as global equity flows by sector and region. Gauges of investor sentiment and FX carry and trend are included. 

Weekly Publications

Short Thoughts

Short Thoughts is published weekly on Tuesdays and offers perspectives on US funding markets, short-term Treasuries, bank reserves and deposits, and the Federal Reserve’s policy and facilities. 

Weekly Flows and Holdings

Published every Wednesday, Weekly Flows & Holdings provides comprehensive snapshots of holdings and performance across bond, currency and equity markets, along with commentary from our strategists.

Monthly Publications

Macro Review

Our Monthly Macro Review is published the last week of each month and summarizes developments in global bonds, FX and equities, as well as the potential impact on month-end portfolio rebalancing.

Quarterly Publications

Macro Investor Trends

Macro Investor Trends is a quarterly deep-dive into our flow data to determine how real money investors’ appetite for or aversion to different assets is evolving. A conference call typically follows. 

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Our Insights

  • By The Numbers
  • $45.7T
    Flow draws on $45.7 trillion in assets under custody*
  • 37
    Explores flows in 37 currencies - from AED to ZAR.
  • 31
    Delves into equity and bond flows from 31 countries
  • 15
    Sifts through time series of more than 15 years.

* AUC figure as of September 30, 2023

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