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OneFX is a comprehensive suite of FX solutions for trading, hedging and payment needs. Enjoy the convenience of our transparent, flexible and innovative program.

OneFX is Your Complete Solution


OneFX solutions are designed to offer confidence in developing and emerging market execution, comprehensive reporting and independent pricing reviews to ensure that transparency is at the forefront.


OneFX connects seamlessly with industry-leading platforms, in addition to deploying new client driven enhancements and offerings. 


OneFX delivers the flexibility needed to meet FX goals and can help clients easily access a wide range of products, services, reporting tools and market insights.

ONEFX Fact Sheet

OneFX At A Glance

Explore a comprehensive suite of FX solutions for all trading, hedging and payment needs. See the overview of products, their highlights and understand how they can all work together.

Our Solutions


ONEFX FX Managed Fact Sheet

Provides a range of simple, automated and real-time segregated execution services for all FX currency conversions and securities related needs. Core offerings include:

  • Session range
  • Defined spread
  • Benchmark 


Offers a choice of competitive options, allowing you to trade currencies 24/5 across the globe.

  • Electronic trading
  • Voice-trading
  • Segregated Execution (Algos & Benchmarks)


FX Hedging Fact Sheet

A rules-based, risk management solution that offers an efficient, systematic and transparent way for you to handle your FX hedging needs.

  • Share class hedging
  • Portfolio hedging
  • Index/Look-Through


Enables corporations, banks and other financial institutions to manage international transactions that require the exchange of currencies.

  • Cross-border FX payments
  • Nostro deposits


iFlow laptop ipad v2

As the world’s largest custodian, we have unique access to unrivaled global securities execution flows. FX Insights provides a valuable window into the trends that are shaping the market. 

  • iFlow
  • Macro commentary
  • Investor trends

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