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Performance And Risk Analysis

Frances Barney

Institutional investors are increasing their allocations into alternatives and therefore need a more comprehensive understanding of their investment risks and how they can incorporate illiquid or non-transparent investments into risk analysis to best manage their portfolios.

Hong Kong-China Stock Connect 2.0

Magdalene Tay

Find out the current state of the Stock Connect program and what future enhancements are in the pipeline to improve market accessibility.

The Rising Influence of the RMB

Sam Xu, Magdalene Tay

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, China’s renminbi (RMB) had been gaining ground to become one of the world’s top five reserve currencies.

Unlocking the Future of Securities Lending

Paul Solway

In recent years, we have seen new beneficial owners coming to market with greater appreciation for securities lending programs. What’s in the cards for them as the landscape evolves?

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COVID-19 Cross-Border Investment Withholding Tax Implications

Lorraine White, Sophie Wong

The widespread pandemic of the COVID-19 virus has impacted the way we live, work and conduct business globally in recent months. With most of the financial services industry and regulators alike working from home, investors and institutions are faced with new challenges to remain tax efficient.

How Global Tax and Regulation Shifts Are Affecting Asian Asset Owners

Magdalene Tay

Major shifts in the tax and regulatory landscape are unsettling asset owners worldwide. Experts at the BNY Mellon Asia Pacific Asset Servicing Client Leadership Summit in Beijing discussed how Asia Pacific investors can find their footing.

Evolution of the Cayman Islands’ Fund Industry

Tom McGagh

The Cayman fund industry has experienced some changes recently as local regulators moved to align their position with the international financial community. Find out what are the key drivers of these changes and their impact to existing funds.

New Fund Structures in APAC - OFC and VCC One Year Later

Sophie Wong

The lack of pickup for Hong Kong’s OFC structure has possibly been due, on a broader scale, to the relatively limited overall number of new fund launches seen in the jurisdiction.

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