Regulation and Risk


The financial industry faces an increasingly complex global regulatory landscape. How do we stay ahead? By monitoring regulatory reforms and developing risk-resilient technology, so our clients can feel secure no matter what comes their way.


Information about key regulatory reforms and initiatives are detailed below


ELTIF Amendments: Phoenix From the Flame?

Explore the recent amendments to the ELTIF regulation and its impact on European long-term investment, Alternative Investment Funds and retail investors.


Infrastructure Investing and UK Pension Funds: Navigating LTAF and Productive Assets

Explore how UK Pension funds and LTAF are shaping infrastructure investing. Learn the role of productive assets and finance in post-Covid recovery.

JULY 2023

Defining Portfolio Resilience: A New Risk Management Framework

Dr. Ashby Monk, Executive and Research Director of Stanford Long-Term Investing (SLTI), explains concepts that can help manage risk more effectively, outlines key trends in technology investment and steps asset owners could consider to facilitate a successful technology transformation. 

Regulatory Insights


BNY Mellon is dedicated to supporting clients through complex regulatory changes. Details of some of the key initiatives across the industry are listed below.

Consumer Duty

With the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) rules and guidance on the Consumer Duty coming into force on July 31 2023, firms will be required to ensure they always act to deliver good outcomes for retail clients, including increased market transparency and higher and clearer standards of consumer protection across the financial services industry.

T+1 Accelerated Settlement Program

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has finalized rule changes to accelerate the settlement cycle to T+1. Read more to stay ahead of the curve.

ISO 20022

As the ISO 20022 standard gains traction across payment and messaging market infrastructures, financial institutions must prepare to adopt the new standard to access the improvements it will bring.

Central Securities Depositories Regulation (CSDR)

CSDR’s primary purpose is to enhance the safety and efficiency of securities settlement across the European Union (EU).

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