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Change Strategy Essential for Asset Servicing Amid Industry Transformation

Consolidation, Outsourcing and 'Barbelling' of investment strategies are some of the trends affecting the global asset servicing sector. Having a clear strategy that stays agile and supports digital innovation and process is vital to serving client's evolving needs.


Global Investment Trends: Focus on Japan, Yields, JGBs and ESG Investing

For several years the global markets have been caught in a low interest rate cycle that has presented challenges for asset managers, insurers and other market participants in search of yield. Where are the potential avenues for yield and what does ESG investing mean for Japanese institutional investors?

Shingo Kunieda speaking at podium

Invested in the Community: Wheelchair Tennis Star Shingo Kunieda Shares Experience

BNY Mellon sponsors professional wheelchair tennis player Shingo Kunieda from Japan. Find out how Shingo Kunieda, renowned Japanese wheelchair tennis player deal with pressure, how he embracing change and what he feels about the upcoming Tokyo Paralympics.

How Global Tax and Regulation Shifts Are Affecting Asian Asset Owners

Major shifts in the tax and regulatory landscape are unsettling asset owners worldwide. Experts at the BNY Mellon Asia Pacific Asset Servicing Client Leadership Summit in Beijing discussed how Asia Pacific investors can find their footing. 

Tips on Implementing an Alternative Investment Strategy

Alternative investments have become an established part of many sophisticated investment strategies. But what do Asian asset owners need to be aware of as they seek to increase their allocation to alternative asset classes?

Asia's Place in the Future Financial Ecosystem

Buy-side firms face an increasingly complex world, but there are plenty of bright spots to be found in Asia. As technology continues to transform the investment business globally, players that embrace digitization to mobilize data in the new era will find themselves a step ahead.

Creating the Conditions for Innovation

Digital technologies have changed business as usual for traditional investment companies, but what do the industry leaders need to do to ride this wave of transformation?

Focus on Governance in an Era of Increasingly Open Data

The journey to a business-ready data management architecture begins with integration. What can firms do to avoid all-too-common stumbles? Industry experts at the BNY Mellon Asia Pacific Asset Servicing Client Leadership Summit in Singapore highlighted the importance of governance and questioned the assumption that real-time intelligence is the goal.

Industry Insights

Data Management

With volumes of information, regulatory requirements and user expectations all constantly rising, the middle office is facing a perfect storm of data demands.

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Digital Currencies and the Changing Market Landscape

In this three-part series, we explore the evolution of the cryptocurrency and digital asset market, investigate the regulatory framework and consider the impact on institutional investors.

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Reshaping Innovation in Data Management

Six business drivers are shaping innovation in the world of data management.

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Withholding Tax Relief Gone Mad?

In January, BNY Mellon hosted a live audio webcast on tax and regulatory landscape for 2019.

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Private Debt Takes Center Stage for Asia Pacific Investors

The private debt and loan market is relatively underdeveloped in Asia Pacific.

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The Race for Assets

Allocations to alternative assets are increasing. What’s driving this shift?

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