The BNY Mellon Ascent Program

Accelerator Program

Accelerate Your Growth

The BNY Mellon Ascent Program is designed to expedite your growth by solving real challenges through proofs of concept (POC). Emerging technology companies collaborate with BNY Mellon engineers, executive teams and clients to validate solutions.

How It Works

Throughout the year, BNY Mellon releases problem statements that are sponsored by senior executives. Series-A to Series-C emerging technology companies, creating cutting-edge solutions for the global financial industry’s greatest challenges, are invited to apply!


Through the program you will have opportunities to validate capabilities with clients, collaborators and other financial ecosystem participants, with the guidance of BNY Mellon subject matter experts.


Our goal is that a meaningful percentage of Ascent participants will continue to engage with BNY Mellon after completion of the program. Participants that enter into a commercial agreement will continue receiving mentorship and development opportunities, access to our Venture Capital Advisory Board as well as network introductions to clients, collaborators and other industry participants in the financial ecosystem.

Benefits of the Ascent Program

BNY Mellon Helps You Through:

Mentorship & Access: Confer with BNY Mellon senior leaders and subject matter experts to help unlock resources and connections, as well as have potential access to elite institutions and Fortune 500 companies.

Affiliation: Leverage our BNY Mellon Ascent Program Graduation badge to demonstrate successful program completion.

Technology Resources: Access to our global Innovation Centers and certain engineering resources in New York, London and Singapore.

Global Reach: Companies from all over the world can participate as access is virtual.


Solutions We’re Seeking

The BNY Mellon Ascent Program is driven by the strategic needs of our executive teams.  We’re currently looking for solutions in the following areas:

Compliance Platforms for Wealth Advisors

Credit Card Alternatives

Private Capital Data Solutions

Call Center Technology

If your solution is not a fit today, be the first to learn about new solution requests.

Global Venture Capital Advisory Board

When you join the BNY Mellon Ascent Program, you'll have access to prominent venture capitalists and investors from across the globe.

Who Should Apply?

Ideal candidates for the BNY Mellon Ascent Program are emerging technology companies with the listed attributes:

Participant Checklist

  • Innovative entrepreneurial mindset looking to tackle interesting challenges in the financial services space
  • Open to BNY Mellon being a potential strategic investor
  • Passion for technology and how it can change the financial services ecosystem
  • Completed Series A funding or later
  • Have a live revenue generating product with paying customers (not an MVP)
  • Ability to create an innovative solution for a BNY Mellon problem statement
  • Not a development shop, consulting firm or agency




1. Does the BNY Mellon Ascent Program invest in participants?


Participants in the program do not receive an investment from BNY Mellon solely for participating. However, BNY Mellon is an active strategic investor that invests in companies that are aligned with our strategic priorities.


2. What is the time requirement?


The amount of time required depends on the time required to create the proof of concept (POC). Each POC is expected to run 3-6 months.


3. Is there a specific location for the Ascent Program?


No, everything can be done remotely. 


4. What happens at the end of the POC?


At the conclusion of the POC, participants will receive feedback from the executive-level sponsor. If the POC is successful, it may improve the opportunity to enter into a commercial relationship with BNY Mellon. Additionally, participants will receive a BNY Mellon Ascent Program completion badge for use in external marketing.

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