Pay Equity at BNY Mellon

April 24, 2020

Our business is focused on helping our clients manage, grow, and preserve their financial assets. Our people are our company’s most important asset, enabling us to build an organization focused on urgency, accountability, excellence and innovation.


Diversity and inclusion are values interwoven into our company’s culture, and these values inform our compensation principles. To that end, pay equity is a priority.


We periodically conduct pay practice reviews to assess, globally, how women are paid compared to men and, in the U.S., how minority employees are paid compared to non-minority employees.


Our most recent pay practices review, conducted in March 2020, found that total compensation for both women and U.S. minority employees is, on average, more than 99% of their respective counterparts. This analysis is adjusted for certain factors, including geography, level and job.


At BNY Mellon, we are committed to providing equal pay for equal work. We are continuing our periodic pay practice reviews and will make any adjustments, as appropriate, to continue to pay our employees equitably.


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