Diversity: Engine of Innovation

Diversity: Engine of Innovation

By bringing together people with varying perspectives, ethnicities, genders, experiences, cultures and capabilities, BNY Mellon is accelerating digital transformation.


Our diverse digital teams are engines of innovation, spurring fresh thinking as we reimagine how to help our clients deliver and maximize value. We’re transforming each process, product, and client interaction in line with digital best practices and client expectations.


Compelled by both research and our own experience, we are harnessing the power of diversity to spur innovation and power business growth. Taking a broad view of diversity, Roman Regelman, Head of Asset Servicing and Digital, assembled a digital team that is spurring novel ideas and embracing change. These teams are more formally collaborating across our enterprise and reaching outside as we embrace an open ecosystem that seamlessly connects BNY Mellon’s expertise with a wide range of digital partners, such as fintechs, big tech and even competitors.

“New digital tools and services generated by our diverse digital team are improving our clients’ experience, helping them grow revenue, reduce expenses and lessen risk,”


The synergy resulting from these different viewpoints has generated completely new ways of working, such as coupling the best of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Human Intelligence (HI). By operating in tandem, AI can uncover insights at scale and drive simple transactions, while HI delivers on more challenging advisory interactions.


BNY Mellon has embraced and embedded this AI+HI model across our entire digital business. We are harnessing the strengths of these two forces to transform asset client onboarding, automate processing of client instructions, and launch an artificial intelligence-based reconciliation and data control solutions.


In these ways and more, the power of diversity is propelling our digitization journey, as we shift our business model to deliver new services and solutions that delight clients and deliver greater value.