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The Workforce of Tomorrow

BNY Mellon Enterprise ESG Report 2021

BNY Mellon hopes to ignite a transformation among India’s engineering schools to produce graduates better equipped with the state-of-the-art skills in demand in the IT industry. Through our Technology Knowledge Development program, we’re providing intensive training to 600 faculty members from engineering schools and polytechnics across India. Each faculty member will train at least 100 hundred students, reaching 60,000 students in the first year alone. Faculty members will facilitate theoretical and hands-on training and research, imparting knowledge on the most current technologies. We aim to increase students’ employability and bridge the knowledge gap between industry needs and academic preparation.

Enriching the technology education system in India is a bold ambition. BNY Mellon and the IT industry highly benefit from new graduates every year from the engineering schools in India. But the employability of these students remains an ongoing challenge, as technology and expectations are fast-changing, making it difficult for faculties to keep up with the demand.


As an innovation-focused company, we need highly skilled employees to help us deliver on our commitment to providing cutting-edge technology services and products to our clients. From a traditional outsourcing center opened in 2000, our presence in India is now central to our technology transformation and digitization efforts. Today, BNY Mellon employs around 15,000 people in India, with nearly half of those to be located in a state-of-art facility opened in Chennai in early 2022.


Every aspect of the program was designed in keeping with our passion for excellence. Through a rigorous nomination and pre-evaluation process, we identified qualified candidates to participate in two months of training in artificial intelligence/machine learning and the internet of things. Participants were exposed to different contexts including advanced theoretical and practical knowledge, case studies, hands-on sessions, project execution and research opportunities. The training culminated in a stringent evaluation leading to certification. In addition to funding the program, BNY Mellon experts were involved in defining the pre-requisites, framing the curriculum, selecting vendors, providing technical expertise and leading some sessions. At the conclusion, participants departed with course material, access to video lectures, hardware kits and relevant software to use in training their students.


In India and around the world, BNY Mellon is committed to putting the Future FirstSM  as we help develop the workforce of the future on which we and our clients rely.

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