Leveling the Playing Field in India

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Leveling the Playing Field in India

BNY Mellon Enterprise ESG Report 2021

Around the world, BNY Mellon is committed to building a workforce with different lived experiences that enable employees to bring different ideas, capabilities, experiences, skills and culture that can help spur creativity and drive innovation. In India, we are applying that philosophy by leveling the playing field for job candidates whose careers may not follow the traditional path by creating access to career opportunities.

Through our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Fellowship program, we recently hired 50 individuals into full-time positions with our Global Operational Technology division. These new hires include military service veterans, women returning to the workforce after an extended leave, self-identified LGBTQ+ individuals and people with disabilities. The diversity of these new hires represents the workforce of the future.


Program participants start with a six-month internship in which they follow a customized learning pathway along with regular assessments and receive specialized training, when necessary. Each intern is paired with both a business mentor and a buddy who have been trained for those roles. Business mentors acquaint interns with the professional requirements of their position while buddies are matched with interns on the basis of their shared identity attribute, such as another veteran or person with a disability. These two colleagues can ease the transition, coach the intern and help them integrate into our organization.


To foster a truly inclusive culture where all are welcome and have the opportunity to flourish, we’re going the extra mile to help employees who’ve followed a different career path succeed. Culture change can be hard, so before the interns arrive, their future colleagues and team members participate in briefings to equip them with strategies for working and communicating effectively with the new intern. Through participation in sessions such as People with Disabilities orientation, LGBTQ+ education or sign language training, BNY Mellon employees are prepared to help their new coworkers succeed.

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