Electronic Services

If increasing business pressures are compelling you to automate your current receivables workflow, consolidate payments across your business and control costs, we can help you get the business done faster, more economically and with fewer errors. Our electronic payment collection capabilities enable you to

  • Convert your consumers' checks to ACH transactions
  • Consolidate payment and remittance information into a single accounts receivable feed
  • Receive payments electronically directly from consumer service providers
  • Use a network of retail payment agents to accept consumer payments
  • Collect electronic check (ACH), credit and/or debit card (signature and PINless) payments via Electronic Receivable Payment Services (ERPS)

Invested in You

Let us collaborate with you to expand your electronic collections capabilities and create a business-wide methodology to manage your accounts receivable.



We strive to anticipate, identify, and analyze industry trends, financial news and events and to inform you of our findings.

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BNY Mellon is committed to educating businesses and consumers about the positive environmental impacts of choosing electronic payments and statements over paper.

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