BNY Mellon is in a unique position to understand the forces driving financial markets worldwide. As the world's largest global custodian, with approximately $20 trillion in custody assets under our administration, we have unparalleled access to a wealth of data on cross-border investment activity.

Make Informed Risk Assessments

The cross-border flow data we monitor daily, combined with our quantitative tools and qualitative analysis, yields insights to provide decision support to portfolio managers as they assess market opportunities. Our in-depth, up-to-the-minute research and analysis of major and emerging markets includes

  • Proprietary flow and positions research
  • Cross-border investment activity insights
  • Currency, equity and bond market trend analysis
  • Flow data to aid your decision making

Profit from our Expertise

Our Global Markets Research team provides market commentary on a daily basis, in addition to weekly and monthly. Its members are frequent contributors to the financial media, sharing their opinions and currency forecasts, so you can be sure the information we deliver each day will be fresh and authoritative.

Invested in You

Turn to BNY Mellon for a clear, accurate and timely snapshot of events unfolding in both major and emerging markets.

The Evolution of FX

The Evolution of FX

Mike Curran of FX Global Services shares his thoughts on the latest FX trends and developments, what these mean for market participants, and what to expect in 2014.

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of FX

Reshaping Foreign Exchange

Reshaping Foreign Exchange

Mike Curran of FX Global Services, Craig Messinger of Global Trading and Risk Management, and Jorge Rodriguez of Global FX Sales speak with Global Custodian magazine on restructuring the FX business.

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