Emerging Markets

In emerging markets the world over, we provide the service and support you need to make the most of new opportunities.

With our exceptional knowledge of the investment lifecycle, we are able to help you navigate the strict regulatory environment associated with emerging markets — including issues that arise from inefficient local clearing and the reconciliation of taxes related to foreign exchange.

Reduce Settlement Issues

Through our own local branches and our extensive sub-custody network, we possess extensive knowledge of local settlement practices and the requirements to complete settlement.

Obtain Value

  • Access to local market liquidity through a sub-custodian network spanning 100 markets
  • Assistance with settlement to mitigate operational risk
  • Market commentary and research via iFlow, our interactive (multi-asset) research tool

Invested in You

Let BNY Mellon help you settle your trades in regulated and exotic markets. Our experts are intimately familiar with the local markets and their regulatory and operational conventions.

The Evolution of FX

The Evolution of FX

Mike Curran of FX Global Services shares his thoughts on the latest FX trends and developments, what these mean for market participants, and what to expect in 2014.

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of FX

Reshaping Foreign Exchange

Reshaping Foreign Exchange

Mike Curran of FX Global Services, Craig Messinger of Global Trading and Risk Management, and Jorge Rodriguez of Global FX Sales speak with Global Custodian magazine on restructuring the FX business.

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