Helping you achieve maximum efficiency in your trading through automation is our ultimate goal. At your convenience, you can conduct foreign exchange trades through our

  • Proprietary electronic-trading platforms
  • Industry leading multi-bank portals

Execute and Confirm Trades

Our online trading platforms and the benefits they deliver include

  • iFX Manager – proprietary system that allows you to manage and execute FX trades based on quoted rates or against specified independent fixings
  • iDeal Forex – proprietary system that facilitates seamless execution, tracking and confirmation of foreign currency payments
  • Multi-Bank Trading Portals – participation in a number of multibank trading platforms, including FXall, FX Connect, Bloomberg and Currenex
  • iConfirm – proprietary system for on-line confirmation, standing settlement instruction maintenance and mark-to-market reporting

Invested in You

Turn to BNY Mellon for e-commerce solutions that bring greater efficiency to your FX trading process.

FX Clearing

FX Clearning

The NDF clearing has resulted in the creation of a completely new and separate workflow from that of its bilaterally traded contracts. Tony Rocchio, Global Head of FX Operations, shares his insights with FX-MM magazine.

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Reshaping Foreign Exchange

Reshaping Foreign Exchange

Mike Curran of FX Global Services, Craig Messinger of Global Trading and Risk Management, and Jorge Rodriguez of Global FX Sales speak with Global Custodian magazine on restructuring the FX business.

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