Currency Hedge Administration

BNY Mellon has been providing comprehensive administration and global custody services to the institutional investment industry for decades.

We have the experience and expertise required to integrate and administer all components of a share-class or passive portfolio currency hedging program.

Using our unique approach to hedge administration, you retain all investment management discretion, while effectively outsourcing operational matters to BNY Mellon.

Key Attributes & Benefits

BNY Mellon's Currency Hedge Administration service — powered by our proprietary iHedgeSM software, along with a world-class processing team — provides an automated, web-based platform that delivers:

  • Ability to negotiate predefined spreads for trade execution
  • A disciplined approach to calculating and executing hedge adjustments
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities
  • Reduced operational risk and exposure
  • Opportunity to re-deploy valuable resources so you can focus on your primary mission

Invested in You

Turn to BNY Mellon Global Markets, a company with a historical and demonstrated commitment to accurate and efficient trade execution and settlement.

Currency Administration

Currency Administration

To support opportunities on a global level, investment managers may partner with providers like BNY Mellon for FX administration services. Raj Iyer, Product Manager, BNY Mellon Global Markets, provides thoughts in Global Finance.

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Reshaping Foreign Exchange

Reshaping Foreign Exchange

Mike Curran of FX Global Services, Craig Messinger of Global Trading and Risk Management, and Jorge Rodriguez of Global FX Sales speak with Global Custodian magazine on restructuring the FX business.

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