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BNY Mellon Capital Markets EMEA Limited, the U.K.-based, indirect non-bank broker-dealer subsidiary of The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation, provides a comprehensive range of global services for institutional investors and high-net worth individuals seeking efficient execution, industry expertise, timely and relevant market commentary and a collaborative relationship.

Whether you need assistance with investments, are aiming to improve operational risk management, wish to raise capital, execute an investment or develop a hedging strategy, we can assist you. We leverage our sales trading expertise with the capabilities of BNY Mellon's trust, custody and cash management businesses to streamline processing, such as automatic affirmation of your trades. Our sales and trading professionals have the experience and know-how to help you navigate the complexities of today's global capital markets.

Choose Experience, Expertise and Performance

  • Quality services for fund managers, institutions, banks, corporations, government agencies, endowments and foundations, and high-net-worth individuals
  • State of the art products that include Fixed Income and Equity Sales and Trading
  • Direct link to traders via your sales specialists on the trading desk; who have the expertise to help you implement trading strategies
  • With extensive experience in the global markets, we have deep insight into what issuers have historically needed and what investors are seeking today
  • Our industry, regional and product experts know your markets, from global to regional, and your products, from corporate finance to securities investments

Turn to BNY Mellon Capital Markets EMEA Limited. We can help you succeed in the world's capital markets.



We strive to anticipate, identify, and analyze industry trends, financial news and events and to inform you of our findings.

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BNY Mellon Capital Markets EMEA Limited is an indirect wholly owned, non-bank, broker-dealer subsidiary of The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation ("BNY Mellon"). BNY Mellon and its affiliates lend and provide other products and financial services to issuers and others, and provide and receive related fees and compensation. BNY Mellon Capital Markets EMEA Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority ("FCA") in the UK. BNY Mellon Capital Markets EMEA Limited operates from its place of business at 1 Canada Square, London E14 5AL. BNY Mellon Capital Markets EMEA Limited provides services to Professional Clients and/or Eligible Counterparties, but does not provide services to Retail Clients (in each case as defined in the FCA Rules).

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BNY Mellon Capital Markets EMEA Limited does not make any representations as to the actual value to be received in connection with a transaction. Difficulties in the mortgage and broader credit markets have generally led to a substantial decrease in the availability of credit. The extent and duration of any future continued weakening of U.S. and global credit and financial markets, higher costs of borrowing, and disruptions in debt and equity markets potentially make it more difficult to liquidate an investment, or determine the impact, if any, on the performance and prospects of particular issuers or securities. A person should not enter into any transactions unless they have fully understood all risks, understands that not all investments will be suitable, and has independently determined (by way of having obtained, where required, its own independent legal, financial, tax and other professional advice), or that such transactions are appropriate. Prices may fluctuate and it is possible that such fluctuations may be substantial in response to many factors including, without limitation, general market and market sector conditions, U.S. and global, in addition to company specific conditions. Dividends are not guaranteed and are subject to change or elimination. There are risks generally associated with foreign investments, such as economic and political developments, seizure or nationalization of deposits, currency limitations, imposition of taxes or other restrictions on the payment of principal and interest. Make sure you understand all risks before investing in any financial instrument. Past performance is not a guide to future performance of any instrument, transaction or financial structure, and a loss of original capital may occur. Calls and communications with BNY Mellon Capital Markets EMEA Limited may be recorded, for regulatory and other reasons.

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