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Country Contacts

Country Executive
Leonique van Houwelingen
+31 20 203 5675

Asset Servicing
Clive Robinson
+31 20 203 5691

Asset Management
Jonathan Lubran
+44 20 7163 2679

Corporate Trust
Breige Tinnelly
+44 20 7964 6402

Depository Receipts
Katharina Haidenthaler
+44 20 7964 6321

Global Markets - FX
Ben Holder
+44 20 7163 5861

Treasury Services
Daniel Verbruggen
+32 2 545 4565

Broker Dealer Services
Mark Higgins
+44 20 7163 3456

BNY Mellon in the Netherlands

Combining centuries of proven expertise with a collaborative business approach, BNY Mellon is focused on helping our clients successfully navigate today's complex global markets.

Our commitment to the Netherlands

BNY Mellon has been serving clients in the Netherlands for over 50 years, most recently through ABN AMRO Mellon Global Securities Services B.V.. We currently maintain offices in Amsterdam and Breda and employ over 225 people in the Netherlands.

BNY Mellon in the Netherlands today:

Our commitment to Europe, the Middle East and Africa

We have provided services to clients in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) since the early 1900s. Today, the company remains committed to the region and is strongly positioned to partner with local individuals, institutions and institutional investors to assist them in accessing global capital markets.

BNY Mellon in EMEA today: