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About BNY Mellon

A Tradition of Strength and Excellence

As the oldest continuously operating financial institution in the US, BNY Mellon has endured and prospered through every economic turn and market move since our founding over 225 years ago.

Solutions Delivered with Prudence and Precision

Today, BNY Mellon remains remarkably strong amid global economic uncertainty. We maintain one of the highest credit ratings in the financial industry and the power of our capital base, liquidity position and product lines point to long-term success. The strength of our business is a direct reflection of the prudence and precision with which we meet our clients' needs, making us the financial partner of choice for institutions, governments and individuals the world over.

Comprehensive Suite of Services

As a leader in both asset management and securities servicing, BNY Mellon offers a full range of investment strategies while delivering services that can enhance transparency, facilitate liquidity and improve risk management.

Business Highlights

Business highlights as of 30 September 2011