Fast-evolving market dynamics and new regulations are bringing profound changes to how institutions process derivatives transactions. Being able to succeed in this environment requires a well-coordinated and powerful approach that involves:

  • Trading services for over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives
  • Electronic execution and clearing services for exchange-traded derivatives*
  • Valuation of over-the-counter derivatives
  • Efficient collateral management and reconciliation of positions
  • Meaningful and timely reports
  • Compliance systems designed to meet applicable regulatory requirements
  • Transparency of transaction processing
  • Operational flexibility and efficiencies of scale

Our Approach

As a world-leading investments company, BNY Mellon helps institutional investors at all phases of the investment life cycle. We offer a powerful blend of capabilities that span the entire life cycle of a derivative transaction — from pre-trade through trade execution — to post-trade activities.

Our uniquely modular product offering enables clients to select services to meet individual requirements including:

Leverage our expertise, products and services as you navigate the derivatives markets.

Swap Trading Requirements

Swap Trading Requirements

The Dodd-Frank Act and its implementing regulations bring significant new regulatory oversight to the over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives markets.

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OTC Derivatives Reform

OTC Derivatives Reform

Regulatory reform will profoundly impact users of OTC derivatives. Learn what avenues are open to institutional investors who face substantial business and operational challenges around OTC derivatives trades.

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