Depositary Receipts
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As the world's leading corporate trust provider, we know that issuers need a committed corporate trust partner with a wealth of experience and wide range of expertise to meet your unique debt financing service requirements.
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Depositary Receipts

BNY Mellon actively collaborates with clients to gain a deeper understanding of their specialized needs in the Depositary Receipt (DR) market. Our unparalleled expertise combined with our "three-client" service philosophy helps to maximize the performance of your DR programs.

Understanding DRs

  • DRs are negotiable securities that generally represent shares of a non-U.S. company's equity.
  • DRs can trade on all U.S. stock exchanges, other international exchanges or in the over-the-counter market, and can be used to raise capital. They are typically denominated in U.S. dollars but can also be denominated in Euros or other currencies and can be offered by non-U.S. companies to investors worldwide.
  • Since 1927, DRs have been used to facilitate cross-border trading and settlement and provide a host of benefits to issuers, investors, and brokers, including portfolio diversification through global investment.

Benefits for Issuers, Investors and Brokers

We strive to anticipate the needs of issuers, investors, and financial intermediaries in the DR market, taking a proactive approach to elevating the benefits of DRs.

  • For Issuers – DRs can broaden and diversify the issuer's shareholder base with potentially greater liquidity, benefitting share valuations and conveying a global commitment.
  • For Investors – DRs that are quoted in and pay dividends and interest in U.S. dollars may benefit from foreign exchange rate conversions, allow institutions with foreign investment restrictions to diversify globally, and minimize global custodian fees.
  • For Brokers – DRs offer competitive and flexible pricing, efficient access to relevant issuer information and convenient settlement capabilities.

Invested in You

BNY Mellon is committed to acting as a dedicated partner focused on delivering industry-leading expertise and support around the clock and across the world. Turn to us for the industry's leading Depositary Receipt solutions.

DR Market Review

DR Market Review

The DR Market Review was designed to help issuers, investors, financial intermediaries and other interested parties understand trends, identify new products and services and highlight important issues facing the depositary receipt market.

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