Custody and Safekeeping

With the widest sub-custodian network amongst all financial institutions, BNY Mellon is the largest provider of custody and safekeeping services in the world. We hold all types of instruments, be they physical securities, global notes held in book-entry form, or electronically created and signed mortgage documents. Investors increasingly find assurance in custodians that offer secure and robust platforms, able to segregate and hold assets that are unencumbered. Our principle functions include:

  • Maintaining books and records
  • Reconciling portfolio holdings
  • Notifying and processing of corporate actions
  • Collecting and storing securities, documents and files, both physical and electronic (i.e. via eVault)
  • Reporting portfolio and account holdings
  • Interaction with major market depositaries

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Opportunities for Lending

Captives: After the Hit

How institutions in Latin America are utilizing bilateral and syndicated loans for large project finance opportunities in the region.

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Captives: After the Hit

Captives: After the Hit

Caroline Cruickshank, a strategy manager with the BNY Mellon Corporate Trust group, discusses how captives have developed increased risk awareness since the 2008 financial crisis.

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