Securities Lending

Drawing upon 35 years of business as one of the most experienced securities lending agents, we offer broad-based opportunities for clients to lend securities in markets throughout the world. Our depth of resources, technology infrastructure and trading expertise provide us with the capacity to manage diverse client requirements and the ability to accommodate most program structures.

Key highlights include:

  • Flexibility for clients to customize a wide variety of borrower, lending and collateral program parameters
  • Comprehensive review of borrowers for admission to our program
  • Professionally managed cash collateral* featuring a disciplined course of reinvestment, including separately managed client accounts, customized to the client's parameters and instructions
  • Daily, automated mark-to-market to account for collateral against loans
  • Detailed on-line reporting with multiple views of loan and collateral information, including management summaries for board reporting

Our proprietary Internet auction tool, i-BIDSM, helps drive additional returns for clients possessing securities of high intrinsic value. i-BID has been designed with an objective to swiftly and efficiently capitalize on changing market dynamics.

As a client-centric organization, we provide a series of market commentaries and thought leadership communications to help clients make more informed decisions about their programs.

*Cash collateral management provided by dual employees of The Bank of New York Mellon and BNY Mellon Cash Investment Strategies, a division of The Dreyfus Corporation.

Regulation's Reach

James Slater

James Slater, Global Head of Securities Lending, is optimistic about 2014. With last year's new securities regulations and business impacts behind us, James believes it's more about getting Back to Business.

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Securities Lending in Asia

Securitites Lending in Asia

Industry experts share their thoughts on how market change and regulation are driving the new securities lending business in Asia. Paul Solway and Sean Greaves of BNY Mellon took part in the roundtable discussion for FTSE Global Markets.

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